AcuPearl are easy to use devices that stimulate the body’s natural biological rhythms to promote greater  health and well-being. Regular use of AcuPearl can help with a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Anxiety
  • Sports issues
  • Lack of energy


Small, discrete and robust, AcuPearl Mk3 comes in several versions. The Painless helps to ease pain and accelerate recovery from injury; the Chillout is for sleep disturbances, anxiety and fatigue; the Circadian Balance (C-Balance) helps regulate the body’s energy patterns throughout the day and has a range of other benefits; and the Sport model is for people who are physically active and wish to improve their performance. Each model has selectable programs specifically tuned for particular effects.

All Mk3 AcuPearls are of tough, durable construction; water resistant; small, light, portable and discrete; fully USB rechargeable and come with downloadable instructions, including charts showing the major acupoints.

AcuPearl comes with a 28 day, no quibble  money back guarantee and a one year warranty and returns policy in case of defects.

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Download the user guides for the AcuPearl range:

You are welcome to download the user guides even if you haven’t purchased the unit. Just click on the link to open the file, then download and/or print as desired.

AcuPearl C-Balance Mklll User Guide

AcuPearl Painless Mklll User Guide

AcuPearl ChillOut Mklll User Guide

AcuPearl Sport Mklll User Guide