AcuPearl Technology

Easy-to-wear devices providing a drug free alternative to alleviating pain, anxiety, depression, lack of energy and much more.

AcuPearl generates low level therapeutic magnetic fields known as PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields). The benefits of PEMF have been subject to numerous scientific studies. They include:

  • Balanced immune system
  • Recharging of cells to restore optimum function
  • Accelerated repair of soft and hard tissue after trauma damage
  • Improved recovery from exercise and exertion
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved circulation and blood pressure regulation


AcuPearl have enhanced the extensive benefits of PEMF with PEARL technology. PEARL stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Adaptive Resonance Light stimulation.

Pulsed Electromagnetism

Ultra low-level, low frequency magnetic pulses ‘PEMF’

Adaptive Resonance

A means of directing the PEMF effects so they have specific and targeted actions.

Light stimulation

Pulsed and rotating light fields work at a deep level, stimulating cells and acupuncture points.

A primary aim of the AcuPearl range is to help re-harmonise the body’s natural biological rhythms and thus encourage an improved state of health and wellbeing.

All biological activities in the body are rhythmical in nature. Where there is disruption to these natural rhythms, symptoms such as pain, lack of energy, poor sleep, mental disturbance, digestive issues, immunity dysfunction and numerous others may be experienced. Rhythms within the body can be upset by many factors including stress, trauma (physical and emotional), e-smog (EMF radiation from phones, transmitters, computers, power lines etc.), artificial lights, chemical toxins, medication, junk food, stimulants, travel, emotional turmoil and many more.

Rhythms involve time, change, movement, objects, processes, activities, and awareness. Some terms related to rhythms include “waves, frequency, vibration, variation, oscillation, pulsation, undulation, ups and downs, coming and going, pace, speed, routine, ritual, habit, how often, and others”. Different structures express different rhythms.

Inherent in the body system are the mechanisms of adapting to changes and regulating inner processes. These mechanisms of adaption and regulation maintain the synchronicity between the rhythmic body processes and manage the adaption of these as the body/mind encounters everyday experiences. In the natural order of things the rhythms fluctuate, change and adapt and are not fixed. They alter as required to maintain the life state. This could be referred to as the inherent healing mechanism within us, the ability to manage the body as it goes through change and transformation and optimise its state to the prevailing conditions.

The science behind AcuPearl provides a mechanism for aiding the reestablishment of natural body rhythms by connecting with the natural holistic healing adaption and regulation processes.