• A drug-free alternative to alleviating pain, anxiety, depression, lack of energy and much more

C-Balance Mk3 (NFC version)

“I like the display and simplicity of use”

The pioneering AcuPearl range of easy-to-wear devices has been developed to provide a drug-free alternative to alleviating a wide range of conditions including pain, fractures, burns and sprains, stress, sleep issues, anxiety and depression, sports performance, lack of energy.

There is also a version for animals.


“I’m intrigued by reports that astronauts use similar devices”

AcuPearl’s therapeutic technology uses clinically proven pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), pulsed light fields and unique adaptive resonance technology. Simply keep on the body for effective use. To find out more about the technology behind the devices, click here.

CBalance AcuPearl
  • Balanced immune system
  • Recharging of cells to restore optimum function
  • Accelerated repair of soft and hard tissue after trauma damage
  • Improved recovery from exercise and exertion
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved circulation and blood pressure regulation

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AcuPearl C-Balance Mk3 Bluetooth Version

The most sophisticated product in the AcuPearl range which uses a smart technology app. It has proved effective at reducing stress levels, improving sleep patterns and helping bring balance to the biological circadian rhythms.

AcuPearl C-Balance Mk3 Manual Version

This small, lightweight unit offers advanced PEMF, Adaptive Resonance and four user-selectable programs to relieve stress, calm emotions and nerves, improve sleep patterns, soothe pain, rejuvenate damaged tissue and revitalize energy levels.

AcuPearl Chillout Mk3

Assisting with emotional anxiety and stress by calming the mind, relaxing the body, establishing a good sleep pattern and generally revitalising body and mind. It uses ground-breaking PEARL technology which resonates with the body’s natural energy channels and acupuncture system.

AcuPearl PainLess Mk3

Specially designed to help soothe pain, relieve discomfort, encourage tissue and injury regeneration without the risk of side effects. Using ground-breaking PEARL technology it resonates with the body’s natural energy channels and is compatible with most other therapies.

AcuPearl Perform +

Designed to support activity including sports, general exercise and helps maintain stamina and focus during a busy working day’

AcuPearl Pet Mk3

An electronic device which uses expertly tuned Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) to optimise the health and wellbeing of your pet. Potential to aid pain relief, injury recovery, aches and pains, mobility and stress, anxiety and nervousness, aiding older pets in their senior years.


Come on in.

Explore a revolutionary new way to improve your health and wellbeing. You’ll start to see the benefits within 4 weeks or your money back.


  • Water resistant
  • Small, light, portable and discrete
  • Downloadable instructions with charts showing major acupoints
  • High impact resistant materials
  • Designed for years of reliable use
  • Rechargeable battery providing a months use between charge
  • Charge with a standard USB charger or computer USB port
  • Same or next day free postal despatch
  • 28 day money back guarantee & one year warranty

People ♥ AcuPearl

  • I’ve been using the AcuPearl Chillout since I first saw it mentioned on Twitter in January. I have Asperger’s and have suffered from anxiety and insomnia for years. It wasn’t a dramatic change at first, but after a couple of weeks using it I noticed my sleeping was better and the pounding in my chest seems less intense too. I’d never tried a device like this before, and I’m delighted with the results.

    Tony Stephens
    AcuPearl Customer
  • This worked for me within the first 10 minutes of use! Amazing. I have two types of arthritus plus fibromyalgia and after digging in my garden for an hour my body felt stiff and painful. A friend let me borrow her Accupearl and it relieved all of this so much that after the first 10 minute use, I could stand up from my chair without pushing up with my hands! I bought it from her, on the spot. I am so thankful for this product.

    Lois Bascom
  • I was badly injured in a motorbike accident just before Christmas. My right leg and hip were badly bruised and the muscle torn. I borrowed an AcuPearl Painless from a friend. I was sceptical but I reckoned that since all I could do was sit anyway I might as well try it. The results were incredible. After three weeks the pain was much better and my doctor told me he was surprised I was recovering so quickly. I would have no hesitation recommending it to other people. PS I later bought the AcuPearl C-Balance.

    Paul Swanley
  • I have been using the Acu-Pearl Painless for just over 3 weeks now having had a ruptured Baker’s Cyst behind my right kneecap some weeks before. Walking up and downhill was agony and driving was painful. After a few sessions with the Acu-Pearl, I am now walking easier and driving is no longer a problem. The Painless has been great and I will continue with it as and when I do any strenuous walking, I have to live with the arthritis now but sustained pain is not necessary, it can be dealt with.

    Christina Strang
    AcuPearl Customer
  • A friend of mine bought me the “Chillout” as a gift and I am convinced it has helped me to re-establish my sleep patterns. For several years I have had problems staying asleep, or sometimes even getting to sleep in the first place.

    I would only say it is a bit of an odd shape, and at first I struggled with using the wrist band, but in recent weeks I have had it under my pillow or just in the middle of the bed, and it hasn’t been an issue. I’m debating getting one of the newer models as they look much smaller and would suit my lifestyle a bit more I think. Giving it a four star rating, but would really be 4.5 if I could

    William Santosa
    AcuPearl Customer
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow and I like the display and simplicity of use. I’m intrigued by reports that astronauts used similar devices!

    AcuPearl Customer